See your sitters'

Without having to ask.
Then book them in seconds.

Invite your sitters to upload a schedule of all the
times they’re available to take babysitting jobs
The darker the shade, the more sitters are available
Toggle sitters on and off to see individual schedules
or different combinations
Click to schedule a job

Select the date and time, add notes, and send the job
post to the sitters you want. Automatic notifications
will let you know when jobs are accepted or declined.

Our Mission

We are in the business of making babysitters better
by providing awesome tools and free education. Preparing healthy snacks. Emergency safety response. Professional small talk. You name it, they'll know it. And with our app, booking sitters couldn't be easier.

The Perks

But for your sitters to put these awesome skills to use, we need your cooperation. We need you to go out.
So, to make a night on the town simply irresistible, we offer our users exclusive discounts to restaurants, shows, and other quality destinations and experiences.

For Parents

Know your sitters' schedules without having to ask.

You could keep on top of work, chores and (dare we say it) your personal well-being, knowing your kids are with the sitters you trust.

For Sitters

Jobs when YOU want them.

Put your schedule out there. Your clients will start thinking of all they could be doing with you in charge at home.

Doesn't that sound nice?
Get the app

That's taken care of.
Now, go live your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

I occasionally hit bugs in the app. What should I do?

Tell us! We are brand spankin' new and still working out a few bugs, but we can't eradicate the pests if we don't know where to find them. Send a message to, and we'll get right on it. Until then, thank you for your patience. That is the defining trait of a successful beta user :)

Can parents use the app to find new sitters, and vice versa?

Not at this time. Our first priority is to make it easier for parents to book the sitters they already know and trust.

Can I use Sitters on Call to manage care for my house, pet or elderly relative?

Absolutely! We are focusing first on supporting parents, so all of our marketing materials talk about the parent-sitter relationship, but the functionality is there to accommodate sitting of any sort.

Do I have to keep checking the app to see if there is new activity?

No way. If you're a parent sending jobs or a sitter receiving jobs, you can get all of your notifications pushed to you via text message or email address, whichever you prefer. Our goal is to make this whole scheduling thing EASY.

How do you make money?

We get a cut of the discounted dinner and entertainment packages we offer parents.

How do parents qualify for discounts?

Details are forthcoming. Basically, if there is a way that users can help us lower costs from time to time (giving feedback, sharing a post on Facebook, etc), we're happy to pass the savings along. Qualifying activities would seldom take more than a minute. Longer activities would qualify for multi-month discounts.

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