Be everybody's
favorite sitter.

Online training & tools so you can become
the world's best babysitter

We will teach you everything.

What to do. What to wear. How much to charge. We'll cover it all.
Our goal is to make it possible for young women like you to rock babysitting.
(And everything else.)

Babysitting Tutorials

Above & Beyond
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Babysitting Basics
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Getting Jobs
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Your Best Self
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For Parents

Know your sitters' schedules without having to ask.

You could keep on top of work, chores and (dare we say it) your personal well-being, knowing your kids are with the sitters you trust.

For Sitters

Jobs when YOU want them.

Put your schedule out there. Your clients will start thinking of all they could be doing with you in charge at home.

We have an app!

Step 1: Upload

Put in all the times you're available to take babysitting jobs.

You can even set a default schedule, then update it day-by-day  or hour-by-hour as plans change.

Step 2: Share

Share your calendar with the parents you would like to sit for.

If they create an account, they'll get to see your full calendar and send job posts.

Any parents who don't create an account will get occasional text messages letting them know your availability.

Step 3: Claim

Get job posts from parents! You can claim or decline them as you like.

Any time a job is posted, claimed, canceled or edited, automatic notifications keep everyone on the same page.

And your calendar keeps all your jobs in a single place, so you won't forget.

We are currently working out bugs and adding features,
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We do workshops, too.

Have a group of motivated young women who want to rule the world?
By all means, introduce us!

We offer free one-hour workshops on topics like
Setting Expectations
Preventing Problems with Positivity
Want more money? Offer more value.

Drop us a line below and we'll be in touch to discuss how we can be of service to your group.

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Our mission is to teach life and business skills through babysitting.
If we work hard, tap into the community, and listen carefully to our supporters,
we will be able to provide families with much-needed childcare support
while raising up the next generation of women entrepreneurs.
Erin Wagner
Education & Outreach
Erin is a sales and marketing consultant. The beneficiary of more than 10 years of involvement in Rotary International's youth programs, she is using How to Babysit to pay forward the life, leadership and professional skills she learned there.
Brad Harvey
Technology Development
Brad is a technology quality assurance director at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The father of three children, Brad is an advocate of building support networks for families.